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Maria Dennis

Zachary Lederer (Courtesy of the Lederer Family)

Still Zaching!!!!!

It’s been a year to the day, today, we lost our wonderful friend…and inspiration to many, one of our Hopkins kids, Zachary Lederer. Instead of being sad, which is absolutely the opposite of what Zach would have wanted…we strike the “Muscle Man” pose (#Zaching) and remember what an amazing guy he was, and honor the drive and inspiration he gave us all! I had the pleasure of sitting and talking with Zach’s Father John and Zach’s friend Rebecca…who we lovingly refer to as Becface.

Mix 106.5–03/11/2015


Maria Dennis’ Story Featured On WJZ-TV

WJZ TV’s Linh Bui has Maria’s emotional story—and her message for others.



My Best Friend Maria Dennis.

And there you have a brief catch up on my best friend Maria Dennis.



Sunday Jam For Maria Dennis

Find out more information about the Sunday Jam for Maria Dennis this weekend, Sunday, August 17.



Maria And Me

Please come back soon Maria. I miss you. I love you.


Photo Credit: R. Warfield

An Update From Maria

Maria called in to give an update on her progress:

Mix 106.5–06/13/2014

Photo: Maria Dennis and friends

Maria & Jenn

Maria & Jenn…an update.


Photo: Maria Dennis

An Update from Maria (And Photos!)

Maria Dennis called into the Mix Morning Show to give an update on everything that’s going on with her. Here’s the phone call, and some photos she sent along:

Mix 106.5–04/03/2014

Photo: Johns Hopkins Children's Center

An Announcement From Maria Dennis

Maria Dennis joined us this morning to share some news about why she hasn’t been in the studio with us for the past few days:

Mix 106.5–03/20/2014

Behind the scenes of "Be My Little Valentine"
Photo Credit Anthea Priestly

Priestly’s Twins Invade Maria and the Mix Morning Show 2/4/14

“Be My Little Valentine” contest, that will get you a $50 Pro Flowers gift card and qualify you for the BIG PRIZE…Meet Miley Cyrus, tix to the show and a $500 Nelson Coleman Jewelers gift card. To win, you need to identify the scene that Parker and Olivia are “acting” out!!

Mix 106.5–02/04/2014