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middle finger


If NBC Gets Fined for M.I.A.’s Finger . . . M.I.A. Might Get the Bill

TMZ claims M.I.A. might end up getting the bill if NBC is fined for unknowingly broadcasting her middle finger.


mia middle finger super bowl apology

NBC & NFL Apologize For M.I.A. Giving The Finger

Last night, we showed you M.I.A.’s halftime middle finger (you can see it here). Now, the NFL and NBC are issuing apologies:


madonna halftime show mia middle finger

M.I.A. Gave The Finger During The Super Bowl Halftime Show [Video]

Madonna killed it during the Super Bowl halftime show. But did you notice the middle finger from M.I.A.?


Lady GaGa at the Mets game….

First…a studded bra at a ballgame?  Then, did you really have to do this???? Go inside to see….