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The Top Four Lies Men Tell on First Dates

According to a new survey, three out of four men admit that they’ve lied on a first date to impress the woman they’re with. Here are the four most popular lies…

Mix 106.5–11/26/2012

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Gangnam Style Goes Christmas! Good Luck Topping This Holiday Light Display

Nothing says Christmas like colored lights dancing to Psy’s world wide hit “Gangnam Style”.  Do you know of a light display that tops this?

Mix 106.5–11/26/2012


Fighting Has Evolved . . . Here are the Top 10 Fights Over Technology Between Couples

Technology has evolved . . . and not surprisingly, so have fights between couples. The website put together this list of the top 10 tech fights couples have now. Check it out . . .



The Top 10 Reasons Men and Women Give For Dumping You

A new survey found the top 10 reasons men and women dump each other. Number one for women was: fear of commitment. Yep, the OPPOSITE of the stereotype. Number one for men was “It’s just not working.”

Mix 106.5–11/16/2012


Here are the Top 10 Words Women Should Put in an Online Dating Profile To Get More Dates

If your online dating profile isn’t bringing in hoards of men . . . or at least a few men who aren’t COMPLETELY sketchy . . . maybe it’s because you used the wrong words.

Mix 106.5–11/16/2012


Thank You, Jimmy Kimmel, For National UNfriend Day

This Saturday, November 17, is now officially known as “National UNfriend Day”, a day set aside for you to skim your facebook feed of unecessary crap. Here are a few examples… And don’t forget these […]

Mix 106.5–11/15/2012


Internet Roundup: A Volleyball Spike That Takes Out Two People, Why MTV Doesn’t Play Music Videos Anymore And Why You Shouldn’t Buy An iPad From Wal-Mart

Why surf the whole internet, when we can give you the hottest viral videos in one stop? BAM! Here you go… Up first, a volleyball spike so powerful it not only takes out the defender, […]

Mix 106.5–11/13/2012


The 10 Worst Gifts Men Buy Women . . . and the 10 Worst Gifts Women Buy Men

If the ridiculously-early start to the holiday season is making you panic . . . we can’t tell you what to buy.  But we CAN tell you what NOT to buy. In a new survey, […]

Mix 106.5–11/13/2012


Just What We Needed: A Dance Song About “Thanksgiving”!

  The guy who brought us Rebecca Black’s “Friday” . . . is back with a terrible new song called “It’s Thanksgiving”. The singer is a girl named Nicole Westbrook . . . who looks […]

Mix 106.5–11/13/2012


Cell Phone Crashing, Again

I’ve always said, if someone is having a phone conversation loud enough for you to hear, you have the right to join in.   This guy does just that, with hilarious results.  

Mix 106.5–11/09/2012