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Priestly’s Crew First Look: How To Train Your Dragon 2

I was soooooo bummed when I realized I double booked myself Tuesday night and had to miss the Baltimore premiere of How To Train Your Dragon 2…so my crew went and did the recon for me!

Mix 106.5–06/13/2014

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Maryland Movie Trivia You Probably Didn’t Know

Maryland has always been a great setting for movies, attracting some really big blockbusters that you might not realize have Maryland connections. Here are some fun things you may not have known about movies in Maryland:

Mix 106.5–06/10/2014

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Movies: When and Where to Watch in Baltimore

Check out some movies that are now playing in theaters near you!


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Frozed Up!

The fact that the House of Mouse tailored its snowy movie for several non-English speaking audiences, dubbing it in 41 languages total, didn’t hurt a thing.


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The Movies You Saw As A Kid That You Should Not Have

Unless your parents were exceptional at their helicopter parenting, you probably saw a movie at a friend’s house that was completely inappropriate for your age. What was your inappropriate movie? Here’s what you told us:

Mix 106.5–03/28/2014

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Goes Brunette in ‘The Giver’ Trailer

“When I played my shows in L.A., I was unaware that people from this movie were in the audience, and I had a role offered to me the next week,” Swift said.


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Pop Culture References You Don’t Realize You’re Making

You don’t realize it, but all day long people are accidentally quoting movies, TV shows, and books. Here are some pop culture references people make without realizing it:

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Disney’s “Frozen” The Priestly Crew Saw It, Should You?

Love my job!!! One of the best perks, is getting to see movies first!!! I had the opportunity this past Monday to visit the AMC on the Ave. in White Marsh, with my kids…this is one of the more interesting Disney films in a while!

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-I have about 20 scars on my body.



Gravity Has It.

What is it about this movie.