Priestly And His Family Review A Dog's PurposeI can’t believe what a hot topic this movie “A Dog’s Purpose” has become. I refuse to blindly follow anyone or anything (that said, my family and I saw it)…the story/video released from TMZ is shrouded in doubt and the more info that comes out…proves the story to be false! Especially what was released yesterday by The American Humane Association:
Charlie Sheen Reignites 3-Year Feud With Rihanna"Rihanna wasn’t the only one who Sheen slammed. He also took aim at his “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” co-star, Jennifer Grey."
Is Netflix Stepping Into Cable Television?No one ever thought they'd see the day when Netflix and Comcast joined forces. Well, believe it or not, that day is here.
Trolls V Dr Strange: The Priestly Video Blog!Sooo I started working out at Nevermore Cross-fit and since every muscle is aching…let’s talk instead of type!!! Lol, oweee!
Everyone's Favorite TV Shows & Movies, According to #Fav7Films and #Fav7TVShowsSeveral "#Fav7" hashtags trended on Twitter this week, where people have been listing their seven favorite movies, TV shows, and other stuff.
Priestly's Family Review Of Disney's The BFGYou KNOW my family LOVES going to the movies. Well fresh to theaters for the 4th Of July weekend we have Disney's The BFG!!! It has a GIANT buzz to it, but was it worth it? I asked the kids and made our own lil movie review...check it out!
Harry Styles Debuts Haircut On Set Of New MovieHarry Styles is a movie star now.
AMC To Allow Texting During Movies?!I say HELL to the NO! Go check out the verdict.....
Captain America Civil War New Trailer And Priestly Reacts To It!All I can say is WOAH! Check out both videos NOW!!!
'Big Hero 6' TV Show & Sequel In The WorksAre you a fan of Baymax? We've got good news for you!
The New Ghostbuster's Trailer Is HERE!Hey it's Priestly...I LOVED Ghostbusters!! Well all the talk about this new female cast has had me decision is made, check it in or out?
New 'Finding Dory' Trailer Leads You HomeSee the new trailer for Finding Dory!

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