Here's the Formula for the Perfect Online Dating Profile PicYou get more dates by posting these types of photos.
Baltimore Instagrammer of the Week: @OurEndlessAdventureWe're highlighting some of the most interesting Instagram accounts from Baltimoreans, and this week we talked to Becky of @OurEndlessAdventure.
Was Ed Sheeran’s Face Accidentally Gashed by Princess Beatrice?Photos are circulating of British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran with a cut on his face. And there are reports that the gash was accidentally inflicted by Princess Beatrice, the second female in line to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II.
Are You Normal?: The Average Woman Has Sent Naughty Photos to This Many PeopleAccording to a new survey, the average woman has sent nude photos to this many people:
Shawn Mendes' 'Something Big' Written In BaltimoreShawn Mendes wowed a sold out Pier Six Pavilion on Friday night.
Doing This in Photos Makes You Look Two to Four Years YoungerIf you're all about looking younger in photos, here's the best way to pull it off:
The Sexiest and Least Sexiest Names for Men (With Photos)Buzzfeed put together a list ranking 100 popular names for men, from MOST sexy to least sexy.
The 5 Tattoos On Adele's Hands, Wrist And Behind the Ear: Photos And MeaningAdele has two separate tattoos on her wrist. Here's a close-up look, and the explanation:
The "All That" Cast Now [Photos]With the cast of "All That" reuniting on Nickelodeon next month to celebrate their 22nd anniversary, here's a look at what the cast looks like today:
Here's The New MacGyver: Lucas Till [Photos]CBS has found its new "MacGyver" for its upcoming prequel series.
Taking a Photo of Your Food Makes It Taste BetterWhether you like seeing pictures of other people's food or not, there is a benefit for those that do it.
The 10 Most-Liked Instagram Photos On This YearKendall Jenner had the most-liked picture on Instagram this year. What was so special about it? Take a look at it, along with the other 9 most-liked photos of the year:

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