"Beauty and the Beast" Live-Action Film Cast [Photos]Disney's announced that their live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast" will hit theaters on March 17, 2017. Here's a look at who they've cast so far:
Sia's Face [Photos]Here's a look at Sia when she's been photographed on the red carpet, and why she tends to conceal her face or turn her back to the audience while performing:
The Best And Worst Dog Breeds In The World [Photos]A new study ranked 87 of the most popular dog breeds from best to worst. They based it on how much they cost, their intelligence, their health, their lifespan and how easy they are to groom.
Marcia Strassman from "Welcome Back Kotter" & "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" Succumbed to Breast CancerActress Marcia Strassman died on Friday after a long battle with breast cancer.
Read Robert Downey Jr.'s Touching Tribute To His Late MotherRobert Downey's mother died last Monday, and on Friday he posted a very touching tribute to her on Facebook. Elsie Downey was an actress for a while, but her career was destroyed by alcoholism in the '70s. Downey said:
Sights That Instantly Put Men And Women In Better Moods [Photos]A new survey asked people what "sight" instantly puts them in a better mood. Here are the top answers for men and women (along with some visuals to make you feel good):
Iggy Azalea Tattoos: Close-Up PhotosAustralian pop sensation Iggy Azalea has a number of tattoos. Here's a look at them up close, and an explanation of their meanings:
What Kimmy Gibbler Looks Like Now [Photos]From 1987 to 1995, Andrea Barber played Kimmy Gibbler on the ABC sitcom "Full House." This year, Andrea turns 38. What does she look like today?
An 'N Sync Reunion Is Happening...But There's A Catch'N Sync is getting together again...Here are the details:
The Ten Most Annoying Photos People Post From VacationsSomeone's going to post a vacation photo every single time you go on Facebook this summer. So since we're secretly jealous of them . . . let's judge them.
What Frankie Valli Looks Like Today [Photos]Franki Valli, whose life story hits the screen as part of the upcoming Jersey Boys movie, turned 80 this year. What does Frankie look like now, and what's he doing?
What Nancy Reagan Looks Like Now [Photos]It may seem hard to believe, but this week marks the tenth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's death. His wife and former First Lady Nancy Reagan turns 93 this year. What does she look like today?

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