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Rachel Logan

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Ten Foods Shown To Improve Your Mood

Check out this list of foods that can help improve your mood!


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Best Summer Apps For Roadtrips

Check out this list of some apps that can help you out on your next roadtrip.


Rachel Logan

Rachel’s Recipe: Creamy Mushroom Pasta and Herbed Baked Chicken with Spinach and Broccolini

Try out this yummy recipe from Rachel for dinner tonight!


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Stuff People Say To DJs

Check out this funny video of the kind of things people say to DJs.


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Girl Scout Sells 18,107 Boxes In Record Time

Read about a girl scout that sold over 18,000 cookies in record time!



Random Acts Of Kindness

Watch this video of a random act of kindness that could make your day a little brighter.


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Facebook Turnoffs

Check out this list of the big things that can be bothersome when you check Facebook.


first kiss

20 Strangers Asked To Kiss For The First Time

So, check this out friends! It’s a video where 20 people meeting for the first time were asked to kiss each other all to promote a new clothing line. This video has over 25 million views on YouTube and counting.


Is it real? (Social Media)

Brilliant Break Up Letter Goes Viral

Woah! This break up letter..(and a mighty brilliant one, I might add) has hit the web and has become a very well-deserved hit!