Here's the Formula for the Perfect Online Dating Profile PicYou get more dates by posting these types of photos.
You're Microwaving Your Leftovers WrongTips like this are great. It's something you do every day, and you've probably been doing it wrong your whole life.
Spring Cleaning Tips For Your TechnologyThis spring cleaning season, don't forget to clean your technology too!
Five Small Ways to Be Healthier This YearIf you're trying to be healthier this year, here are five small changes that don't require much effort.
Scientists Figure Out the Mathematical Formula For the Perfectly Decorated Christmas TreeHopefully you haven't already randomly crammed ornaments on your tree
Seven Tips to Make Your Bedroom More RelaxingHere are seven tips to make your bedroom a more relaxing place, according to Amara and
Five Ways to Save on Air ConditioningHere are five things you can do to help you save money on air conditioning:
Five Tips For Becoming More LikableIs there anyone who doesn't want to be more likable? Or lick-able, but that's a topic for another day.
What To Tip Your Bartender This SummerHere's the official guide to tipping bartenders this summer!!
The Best Way to Get a Raise This YearGetting a raise is not about negotiating with your boss. At least not according to an analysis by a major publication.
Jo: 5 Tips On How To Choose Your Maid Of HonorHere are five tips for helping you choose your maid of honor.
Mark Cuban's Six Pieces of Advice If You Win the PowerballThe Powerball drawing is tonight at 10:59 P.M. Eastern. The prize is now up to $1.5 billion, and it'll probably jump even higher over the course of the day. That means the lump sum could also cross the $1 billion mark, which is crazy.

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